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COMMUNITY SPONSOR – The Progressive Capitalist

October 14, 2011

Community Sponsors, Speakers

SPEAKER – Mitch Fine – “Progressive Capitalism and The Business Case for Green”

The Progressive Capitalist is an educational and advocacy website dedicated to the proposition that doing the “right” thing is the profitable thing.  In order for sustainability to ever become ingrained within the DNA of business, we must work to demonstrate that sustainable is profitable.

Our philosophy is that the old paradigm of “predatory capitalism” is undergoing a deep paradigm shift to “progressive capitalism”.  Progressive Capitalism is distinct from more traditional capitalism in that it builds on the innovative and great individual spirit of free markets, while realizing that each part of the system must be integrated in such a way that it advances the whole.  Progressive Capitalism thrives on the gestalt of connected individuals who in pursuit of their individual accomplishments, benefit society.



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