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COMMUNITY SPONSOR – The Transitions Coach

October 13, 2011

Community Sponsors


In the classic sense, a coach is someone who instructs or trains someone to perform at a higher level. Good coaches possess extensive knowledge in a certain area of concentration. They provide the objectivity necessary to help performers see “outside themselves”. They strategize, encourage, motivate and redirect, all with the goal of leading their clients to heightened levels of success.
Lori Darley is The Transitions Coach. She works in much the same way as a classic coach. She is not a therapist, psychologist or career-planner. Rather, she applies her 20+ years experience in developing specialized, self-improvement training to help you:
•    identify your vision,
•    align your thoughts, words, and actions around that vision,
•    and create prosperity alongside personal fulfillment.
Working with Lori, The Transitions Coach, you will devise a personalized plan that can help you reach your highest levels of creative, physical and interpersonal expression.




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